I post about pretty much anything, usually whatever I’m currently reading, watching, or listening to. My most abused fandom tag is for sure #yugioh, although #star wars and #harry potter should probably get honorable mentions. Other topics you’ll see include reading, writing, and foreign languages.

I also have random posts about Chinese/Taiwanese entertainment, particularly about #top combine and #anthony neely, as well as various c/twdramas, not to mention random pretty photoshoots. I run F! Yeah blogs for my three biggest biases, so most of their stuff is redirected there, but sometimes things spill over.

Born in California. Studied English and Education in college. Now working at a K-8 school and slowly going crazy from being with kids all day. Loves reading books and watching dramas and doesn’t have enough time for either.

Other things I do in my spare time include

  • zoning out
  • longboarding
  • fansubbing
  • reading Yu-Gi-Oh! meta

Comes from the Chinese equivalent of the Japanese version of the Yu-Gi-Oh! card “United We Stand.” It’s not my favorite card, or even my favorite Spell card (that honor would have to go to “Magical Dimension”), but I’ve always loved the name, especially since the idea comes up a lot in the Yu-Gi-Oh! manga as well.